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Privacy and Your Contacts

We take your privacy, and your client's privacy, very seriously. That's why we protect your data and never sell your contacts. Ever.

It's your business, and these are your clients!

What is the Agent Studio Marketing Center?

A powerful email marketing solution made simple for today's travel agents. Create professional email newsletters that drive traffic and bookings.

Communicate with your clients 24 hours per day.

Direct them to book right on your website.

Set up email campaigns weeks in advance.

Profit when travel suppliers send special offers to your clients to book through you.

Are my contacts protected?

Yes! This is your business and these are your contacts. We will never sell your names. Ever.

Clients will only receive emails, branded by you, driving them exclusively to your website under the following scenarios:

You create and send an email directly to your clients.

A supplier you sell, and have selected, sends a co-branded email to your clients, driving them directly back to your website.

We send a weekly email, called The Week in Travel, branded by your agency, featuring the most read travel stories, offers and destinations of the week — driving traffic to your website.

How much does the marketing center cost?

It's free, seriously!

There is no charge for travel agents to use the marketing center. As long as you have an active Agent Studio site - either the Free or Professional version - you'll have access to the Agent Studio Marketing Center.

Do I need to worry about SPAM issues?

Well, yes and no.

First, we enforce a strict CAN-SPAM policy that requires the footer of each marketing center email to include the contact information of the agent sending the email, as well as an unsubscribe line. This information is automatically generated and inserted for you to make your job easier.

Second, we monitor all emails that go out through our system and will not let any email that could be considered SPAM to be sent. If your email may be considered SPAM by a third party mail server, our SPAM detection software will flag your email and require you to make changes prior to it being sent through our system.

Can I import my contact lists into my marketing center?

Yes you can!

Through our easy to use importing tool, you can convert your existing mailing list to an Excel file and upload it directly to your marketing center. You'll be able to choose which mailing lists to add your contacts to, as well as set any travel preferences for those users. The importing tool will then give you a report of how many contacts were added, as well as how many were rejected and the reason(s) why.

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